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Technology Transfer (USA - Japan)

As leading edge technologies are being introduced and new products are shipped by various computer companies, a desperate need has arisen from both the vendors and users to identify each other. Especially when the innovative companies in the United States are taking the lead in introducing new products, there is always a market for the good ones in Japan.

Nonetheless, due to the cultural/business differences and language barrier between these two countries, (every major factor, from the direction of text to the way contracts are negotiated and executed, differs greatly from the U.S. domestic market) the technology transfer process has been difficult for companies on both sides. Only limited U.S. companies were able to successfully land in Japan.

Landing successfully in Japan is never easy for a foreign company despite its large potential market. Japan is one of the few countries that highly appreciate new technologies and products. Nonetheless, it is a very closed market and it is extremely difficult for a foreign company to penetrate into the Japanese market without proper guidance.

There are four basic ingredients required for a foreign company to be successful in Japan: good technologies/product, customization, channels, and a good mentor. Many companies may have good technologies/products, but they lack the knowhow to customize it for the Japanese market, have no channels nor a good mentor to guide them through the process. As a result, many companies failed to penetrate the market, while envying the others who have made it.

Similarly, the Japanese companies have not been able to catch up with the latest technologies, trends, and understand how to benefit from the emerging technologies. Language, cultural, and business difference are also the barriers for them to access the U.S. Market.

International Computer Technology has a versatile staff of highly qualified multi-lingual/cultural consultants who are well experienced in relevant technical and business issues during the technology transfer process. We provide customized services such as:

Dedicated Information Hub:

  • Provide technical seminars on technology trends or specific topics
  • Technology/product watch for specific markets
  • Research, analyze, and qualify new US technologies and products
  • Advises for new business opportunities
  • Customized technology/marketing research

Dealing with US/Japanese Companies:

  • Advises in licensing/distribution & contract negotiations with your US or Japanese counterpart
  • Program Management and Executive Advisory
  • Assistance in all business dealings with US and Japanese companies

Communication Support:

  • Preparing you for doing business in USA and Japan
  • Ongoing coaching in USA culture and business philosophy
  • Technical interpretations
  • Document translation: Product manuals, brochures, presentations
  • Software localization, user-interface design

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